Tuesday, 29 April 2014

wedding shower fun

one of my dear friends from high school, karoline, is getting married this summer.
on sunday, we celebrated her upcoming nuptials at her beautiful wedding shower hosted by her amazing sister and bridesmaids.

food was eaten, games were played, gifts were open - i won a bottle of wine, holler.
i was having so much fun that i forgot to take actual photos which is lame.
but i did manage to get this shot of the bride-to-be but being that anything internet related gives her anxiety, she kindly requested that i put a disguise over her face.

this was the best i could do:
the "cake topper" she's holding is actually made of cake and was made by her sister.
ridiculously beautiful

karoline's big day is quickly approaching and i can't wait to celebrate it with her.
should be fun times or as karoline puts it, "turnt".
hopefully, she'll let me post a photo without her in disguise.
i won't hold my breath, though.


"bat boy" was at church on sunday.
love this kid.

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