Friday, 25 April 2014

save a horse, ride a mechanical bull

my friend lisa's bachelorette is this weekend but since i'm a lame who has exams, i can't attend.
to make it up to her, i along with our friend, aliyah, took lisa out to dinner at a restaurant of her choosing.
she chose this western restaurant/bar called rock 'n' horse saloon in downtown toronto.

reservations were made under my name, so this little present was waiting for me at the table:
the menu consisted of a selection of "homestyle country cooking" - i ordered the chicken quesadilla and it was delicious.
after dinner, we were entertained by the waiting staff who performed these crazy line dance routines.
they tried to entice us to come on the dance floor but i was not even trying to embarrass myself. 

once our food was fully digested, lisa and i decided to try our hand at the mechanical bull.
every single photo we took came out blurry but lisa managed to capture one of my sad, sad attempts:

getting on this thing was the biggest struggle

the bride wanted to do this, so we begrudgingly obliged

pretty tame for a bachelorette, i know, but we had a great time celebrating the final days of lisa's single life.
less than a month left 'til the big day, ahh.
gotta find a dress...


ps. i downloaded this app called "drake shake" and am having way too much fun...


  1. Looks like u guys had fun and nice of you to take her out. Lol to the Drake app! Love it! :-)

  2. Oh dear gawd!!! I always wanted to try the mech bulls!!! My bucket list and I ain't ashamed to admit it!!! Errrm yes pretty tame but who's keeping scores? As long as you enjoyed yourselves, what else really matters?