Thursday, 4 June 2015


a couple weeks ago, my sister had to go out of town for business.
since her hubby, too, had to work, this left ample time for me to hang out with my most favourite person on earth.
sorry mom, sorry dad.

whenever i'm with this kid, my inner paparazzi comes out and i can't help but take pictures of any/everything he does.
so, i thought i'd post some random snapshots of my wonderful nephew-son, nico.

post-soccer practice:
nico's new "no more pictures" face.

ice cream date:

saturday afternoon park session:
"nico, let me take one more picture of you!"

"no more pictures, tatty nana!"

park snapchats.

muy-thai class:
dance sesh with bruvah, amir.

sunday afternoon park sesh:

victoria day adventures:

"i think i can, i think i can.
i know i can, i KNOW i can."

new batman shirt:
"nico, let me take a picture of you in your new batman shirt!"

caught him dancing to michael jackson but when he saw my phone, he stopped.
classic nicklaus.

he's growing up so fast and it makes me both sad and excited at the same time.
oh the places you'll go, little one.
on the places you'll go.