Monday, 11 August 2014

congratulations saturne and akeem!

on august 8th, my cousin saturne married her college sweetheart, akeem. 
their ceremony was held in brooklyn while their reception was held at the chateau briand in long island.
i had the honour of not only sharing in their special day but was also one of saturne's bridesmaids :)
i could write more but they say a picture is worth a 1000 words...

post ceremony shenanigans:
cousins - the next generation.

their next christmas card, obviously.

bandidas - wedding edition.

or as marvin would say, "SQUAD!"

 limo shenanigans.

reception time:
the prettiest venue

cocktail hour

mumzi and me :)

lala <3

that slit, doeeeee.

i've been trying to kidnap this girl for six years now...

reception entrance - mirrors (JT)

he smiles.
this kid never smiles.

my grandma, mom and aunts :)

2010 was the cutest year :)

the music was "too loud" but he wanted to eat his salad.
hard life.

akeem's been an unofficial part of the family for years but now it's official.
he's one of us now *cue evil laughter.
here's to many years of wedded bliss!
and kids, baha!


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

mission impossible - ovo fest

after missing ovo fest last year due to a mixup on ticketmaster's end (you can read about it here), i was determined to attend the fifth annual ovo fest held this past weekend.
once again, i was unsuccessful in getting tickets at the box office as they sold out so quickly.
my sister and her friends were able to obtain tickets from scalpers the day of the show last year, so my cousin and i decided that was our best bet.
big mistake.

we arrived at the venue a couple hours before the show was to begin and were instantly approached by people selling tickets.
long story shot - these fools were trying to sell tickets with a face value of $60 for $300.
my last name is not hudgens or williams, so that just wasn't going to happen.
we decided to wait it out until the show started as tickets tend to go down in price once the event commences.
show time was at 7:30 pm, so at around 7:45 pm we went back to the scalpers and asked them what the tickets were going for.
they had the audacity to say $500.
and with that, our dream of attending the fifth annual ovo fest was shattered.
bandidtas denied entry :(

we were on our way out of the venue when i saw someone from drake's entourage.
before i could even point him out, tania was already running towards him requesting a photo.
normally, i'm not one to ask celebs for photos but hell, i was already there, so this gem was taken:
can someone please explain this hand gesture to me?

tania really wanted to get him to relay a message to shay mitchell regarding the last episode of pretty little liars but he said he had to go as he was waiting on his dad.
she'll survive.

since we were already close by and as it was on our summer to-do list, we decided to pay ripley's aquarium a visit instead.
naturally, photos were taken while on our walk...
views from da 6.

photos from the aquarium:
unedited photo of a jellyfish. 

it was my first time visiting ripley's or any aquarium for that matter and i thoroughly enjoyed myself.
i've seen a couple fish tanks that i would love to have in my house...


Saturday, 2 August 2014

gone sailin'

always eager to try new things, when given the opportunity to climb aboard the 165 foot three masted kajama ship for a day sail, i quickly accepted.
accompanied by my sister (lutchelle) and cousin (tania), we set off on a two-hour sail across toronto harbour and lake ontario.
the weather was perfect and i know i speak for us all when i say that it was an afternoon well spent.

bandidas go sailing.

who even knew toronto police had speedboats?

the sun was in my eyes, lol

after our day sail, we had lunch at this quaint little thai spot called "spice thai cafe".
i ordered the ginger chicken off the lunch menu and loved every bite.

all in all, 'twas a good day spent with great people.