Saturday, 1 March 2014

malibu adventures :)

(it's taking me forever to get all these posts up, lawd)

on monday (february 17th), avery and i decided to walk to the beach while we waited for jennifer to get out of class.
so we put on our walking shoes and started our trek down pacific coast highway.

i guess we were enjoying the sights and sounds so much that we completely missed the beach entrance.
it was early and we had hours to kill until jennifer was free to play, so we decided to just continue down PCH.
somewhere along our journey, we stumbled upon the maibu pier and a sign that read "fishing - $14".
being that the motto of this trip was "buy memories, not things:, we decided to take the pier up on their offer.
we left our id's and were given a rod, a bucket, a knife and some bait in the form of squid.
we gave it a solid effort but caught no fish.

after our little fishing endeavour, we decided to grab some lunch.
the cafe at the pier itself was closed, so we decided to eat at this italian ristorante (giovanni's) located right on PCH.
the eats were delicious and rejuvenated us enough to trek back up to jenn's house - we underestimated the steepness of the hill she lives on.

jenn arrived home a short while later and we headed up into malibu to have dinner at the malibu cafe.
(which is oddly enough located right beside 'the biggest loser' camp...)
i wish i had taken more pictures of this place as it was actually so stunning - everything was so rustic and ranch-like.
i could definitely see myself having a party or two know, when i move to malibu.

i had the fried chicken, collard greens and mashed potatoes that were divine. 
so much so that i forgot to snap a photo.
after dinner, the three of us walked the premises for a bit and snapped some photos:

great times with great people :)

my eldest sister was missing all the fun, so jenn and i thought it would be best to send her this gem:

pps. i came across this photo today and it just warmed my heart:
lupita nyong'o embracing her mother at the independent spirit awards

all day tomorrow, i'm pretending i'm lupita.
i'm about to win an oscar y'all.


  1. Looks like you had fun. I love the Malibu Café pictures. Cute :)

  2. Great times ! Come back soon :)