Wednesday, 5 February 2014

wise words wednesday - dreams

as mentioned in an earlier blog post, i’m a strong proponent of setting goals in life.
i read somewhere once that goals are just dreams with deadlines.
so i guess by default, i'm also a big proponent of having and chasing dreams.

i think dreams have been the driving force behind the evolution of man.
everything we see and use now was once someone’s dream that came to fruition.
of course, most dreams don't become reality overnight which often leads to people giving up.

here are some of the “wise words” i often turn to whenever i get an inkling to abandon a dream of mine.

* the first time i read this, i literally sat in silence for like 3 minutes.
an interesting perspective on life.

whether you’re already living your dream or working towards achieving your dream, i wish you all the best!



  1. Love these quotes. Great perspectives to keep in mind!

    ♥ CA

  2. This is just the kind of inspiration I needed today :)


  3. These quotes are amazing!! I dream A LOT but I also try to make my dreams come true.

  4. Oh wow. That hiring one is powerful.

  5. I love posts with inspirational words like this!!
    xo TJ

  6. This is SO true! We are in control of where we go and what we are able to accomplish in life and cannot blame anyone for our failures. Thank you for the inspiration! xo