Tuesday, 4 February 2014

real-life parent trap

i came across this video on youtube a couple days ago and have been sharing it with everyone i know.
so, i figured...why not share it with you all.

"twinsters" is a documentary about twin sisters, samantha and anais.
you're probably thinking "okay...?"
well, samantha and anais were born in korea but separated at birth and were raised on opposite sides of the earth.
neither one knew the other one existed until...click play for the rest of the story :)

i'm really excited to see this documentary in its entirety.
we're constantly bombarded with stories about how horrible the internet and social media is.
but were it not for the internet, specifically good ol' youtube, these two sisters would have never met.

best of luck to samatha and anais in years to come!
what a story!


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