Tuesday, 25 February 2014

tell 'em that it's my birthday :)

saturday (february 15th) was my birthday and it was uh-mazing to finally spend a birthday in the sunshine.
the first activity of the day was brunch with my sister at this quaint mexican restaurant named howdy's.
i had the chicken tacos (delisioso) while my sister opted for enchiladas.
after brunch, we walked around the malibu country mart and had some yummy gelato at grom malibu.
trying to buy some time, we then decided to venture onto pepperdine's campus for some photo ops...
shirt - love culture; jeans - american eagle; 
shoes - converse; purse - michael kors

while on campus, we were invited to watch their women's basketball team play a home game.
initially we said we were going to only stay for the first half but got so invested that we had to stay for the entire thing.
sadly, pepperdine lost but it was a great game - minus the annoying heckler dude in the #13 jersey.

we went home to freshen up and went out for a birthday dinner.
we headed to duke's malibu - i had the pork mac n' cheese (not a fan) and some sweet potato fries (fan).
found this wine at the local ralph's - describes me to a t :)

my friend, avery, arrived later that night which is when the real fun began - starting with a birthday cupcake!



  1. Happy belated bday booboo! Glad you enjoyed!

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist

  2. Cutie! Love the photos :)

    Check out my recent post in collaboration with Topshop :)


  3. Happy (late!) birthday! I'm happy that you got the opportunity to experience your birthday in the sunny Cali! :)