Monday, 13 January 2014

toronto raptors + ovo = drake night

on saturday night, a couple of friends and i went to the downtown core to attend "drake night".
for those who aren't familiar, a couple of months ago, toronto's very own drake was named the "global ambassador" for the city's nba team, the raptors.
well, last night was the official launch of this new partnership and was thus dubbed "drake night".

each spectator was given a limited edition ovo-raptors t-shirt and treated to a special half-time performance by drake and his resident dj, future the prince.
oh, and the raptors also played the brooklyn nets.
we won and it was great!

tickets for this event sold out in record time, so my friends and i resorted to purchasing our tickets from scalpers outside the venue.
i thought my being born in nyc would give me some sort of an edge with these guys...negative.
they drive a hard bargain and i refuse to disclose what we ended up paying for the tickets.
but i will say that we managed to shave $10 off the original asking price - not bad for some rookies.

all in all, it was a great night with great company.
i'm really enjoying this whole "buy memories, not things" mindset i've adopted for 2014.


and, yessssssssss!


  1. That sounds and looks like a blast!

    and YESSSSSSSSSSSSS to all your yessssssssss's!!!

    1. it was really fun!
      it's always nice to spend time with friends!
      and drake, haha.

  2. What an awesome event (and yayyy free thangs!) You lucky girl xo

  3. So jealous that I missed Drake Night !

    1. this was the first of i'm sure, many.
      you'll have your chance!

  4. Hey - just came across your blog - it's great, it has a really good mix of posts! Check out my latest post if you get the chance:

  5. So jealous! That looks so fun! Do you live in Canada? I've never been.

  6. Looks like a fun night! And yayyyy to Breaking Bad. Show of the century !!!

  7. When I (eventually) go to North America someday if there's something I want to experience is to watch a basketball game live! It looks so much fun!