Monday, 6 January 2014

music monday: yuna

i'm a big lover of music - i count my ipod as one of my most prized possessions.
so, i'm always looking for new artists and/or music to obsess over...

well, today was a great day because today i discovered yuna, a malaysian born singer-songwriter.

i have no words to describe her sound but if you're a fan of fiona apple, janelle monae, erykah badu or lana del ray, i'm sure you'll love yuna!

i'll leave you with this performance of one of my favourite songs off her new album, nocturnal.
girl can sannnng AND she's fully clothed - a rarity these days!

someone who can 

i'm always looking for new songs for my ipod.
if you have any good ones, send away!



  1. Wow she has an amazing voice! I may have to go look her up on itunes now! I don't know if i have any outstanding suggestions. I of course like Lana too, I really like Florence and the Machine (she has an outstanding voice) and then I have a ridiculous amount of rap songs.

    1. i looooove florence and the machine!
      her voice is so haunting!
      i feel you with the rap songs, haha.
      if "mona lisa" by big sean comes on, get ready...

  2. great voice, we love you're blog

  3. i love yuna!

  4. great post ! she's amazing :)
    what about follow each other?
    let me know :)
    have a nice day!

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  5. Actually just youtubed some of her music and i love it ! Also love all the different ways she incorporates her scarves into her daily outfits. She's such a fashionista and its definitely refreshing to see someone that clearly isn't conforming to the "beauty standards" around her.

    1. she's so stunning.
      i really am excited to keep hearing new music from her!

  6. She is stunning! I have to take a listen.

    1. she's so beautiful.
      i love how she's staying true to herself!

  7. "AND she's fully clothed - a rarity these days!"

    lol you kill me...
    true enough, though.
    I am waiting for the day pants come back to pop music.

    I think you should hear "My Song 5" by Haim.
    It just came on shuffle this morning on the subway and I was like... what is this masterpiece?
    The production is sick.

    Peace =)

    1. loooooove all your song suggestions.
      keep them coming, arturo!