Thursday, 21 November 2013

one girl, four guitars.

as mentioned in an earlier post, i love me some tori kelly. 
so, when i caught wind that toronto was a stop on her tour, i made it my personal mission to score some tickets.
well, score some i did and off i went with my sister and my bff avery to the show last night.

my sister elle, avery and i

we all met up after work and headed over to the venue, the opera house, in the leslieville area of toronto.
doors opened at 7:30pm but we wanted to arrive a little earlier to get a good spot as this venue is standing room only. 
we were able to get an amazing spot - on the balcony, centre stage - and waited impatiently for tori to arrive. 
she came out sometime around 8:30pm and put on the most magical show i've ever seen.
no band, no backup singers, no gimmicks - just a mic stand, 4 guitars and her voice.

this would be miss tori

in a world full of half-naked girls twerkin' on stage while lip-synching to some auto-tuned track, tori is truly a breath of fresh air. 
i'm not sure how it's even possible but tori's vocals are even better live (see clips below):

pyt (michael jackson cover)

all in my head 

dear no one

the way she would transition from the craziest falsetto to a luscious belt in a matter of milliseconds was mesmerizing.
i'm stanning hard right now, so let me just end this by saying that tori is an incredibly talent singer-songwriter.
the amount of God given talent she possesses is unreal.
if her tour stops by your town, i would highly recommend seeing her in these intimate venues before she blows up.
the show was well worth the $20 price tag.



  1. I'm sad I missed her when she came to LA, although I probably wouldn't have had time anyway lol

    1. she's always in LA - she's a cali girl after all.
      keep an eye out.
      perhaps she'll be performing on venice beach or something.