Saturday, 23 November 2013

"every revolution begins with a spark."

so, i just got back from a late night screening of the hunger games: catching fire.
my thoughts?

as a fan of the trilogy, i was once again impressed with the film adaption.
the cast, led by the impeccable and hilariously candid jennifer lawrence, did an amazing job bringing the characters i fell in love with in the novels to life.

my only issue?
my sister, bro-in-law, cousin and bff decided to spend $19.50 on the imax experience.
i had never seen an imax movie before and everyone was saying that this film MUST be seen in imax.
well, with the exception of the assigned seating which proved useful as we were late, i don't understand the hype.
perhaps we were just sitting too close to get the full experience but i'm pretty sure it's just a cash grab.
next time, this girl will stick to the normal cinema experience...

but just as when i finished watching the hunger games, i now want to take archery lessons because how badass is this?

but all in all, it was amazing film!
if you are a fan of the books, you will not be disappointed.
i can't wait to watch the third book in the franchise, mockingjay, come to life on the big screen.
and, just throwing this out there, if anyone reading is casting for this movie, i'm beyond available and willing to play tree #3.

did anyone else see this film or any other movie this weekend?


ps. i saw this and i laughed because it's true:


  1. the last picture had me laughing, and the films are not bad at all i was expecting them to be the opposite, i was strangely surprised :)

    1. the acting is superb.
      better than those twilight movies, haha.

  2. LOL! I saw The Delivery Man this weekend which was funny (and cute!)

    1. i heard that movie was hilarious.
      i love vince vaughan, so i will definitely check it out!

  3. I saw the movie but I need to see the first one first I think...I was lost loll


    1. i imagine one would have a lot of questions if they didn't see the first film, haha.
      i believe it's on netflix if you're in the us though.

  4. loved the movie ! i definitely feel like it did the books justice

  5. TWENTY BUCKS FOR A MOVIE?! ahhh sad day. good to hear the movie is good though!