Monday, 28 October 2013

who is malala?

"who is malala?" he demanded.
no one said anything, but several of the girls looked at me.
i was the only girl with my face uncovered.
that's when he lifted up a black pistol.
...i am malala.

i spent the past couple of days cramming and cursing the fact that i had three midterms in a two day period.
i dragged myself out of bed every morning and begrudgingly trekked down to campus.
and then i went to my local bookstore and read the first chapter of i am malala and instantly felt guilty.
here i was complaining about the one thing that nearly got this little girl killed - pursuing an education.

if you're not too familiar with the story of malala yousafzai, she is a pakistani schoolgirl who at the age of 15, was shot in the head and neck in an assassination attempt while returning home on a school bus. 
her crime?
being a girl and wanting an education.

there's a quote that i love that urges everyone to "be a voice for those who can't speak."
through her work with the united nations, malala is doing just that - being a voice for the other millions of girls around the world who are being denied an education.
because as malala simply put it, "we cannot succeed when half of us are held back."

so, the next time i find myself complaining about an upcoming assignment or finals, i will stop and think about how blessed i am to live in a country where i'm not only able but encouraged to pursue an education.

i leave you with malala's first speech at the united nations on her 16th birthday:
(it's quite lengthy but definitely worth the watch)

"let us pick up our books and pens.
they are our most powerful tools."

i also found this image online which warmed my heart:

malala's father beaming as he watches his daughter speak at the UN.



  1. i've been looking for new books to read and i'm so glad i read your post today. i definitely need to download this on my kindle! so inspiring.

    1. i didn't get a chance to finish the book but it really is an empowering story!

  2. SUCH a powerful story! I couldn't imagine having to fight so hard for the most basic of human rights. Unbelievable.

    1. it really puts everything in perspective.

  3. I'll have to read this once I'm done with my semester.

    1. my plan exactly.
      it'll be a good read to get one's right for the new year.

  4. What a WONDERFUL reminder of how fortunate we are. The things we see as inconveniences are luxuries to others xo

    1. we really do take things for granted on this side of the world...

  5. Wow, great post indeed! I always love reading your blog ;)


  6. Amazing post! Really puts life in perspective what a hero.


  7. I LOVE this post:) and of course I follow you

    Check out my blog..stylish Swedish design:)

    Have a fab weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

    1. thank you maria!
      i hope you're having a fabulous weekend, too :)

  8. Wow, that quote from the book gave me chills. You are right, sometimes we take our education for granted. Loved this post! I need to pick up the book!

    1. it's crazy that something as trivial as where you just so happen to be born can have such an impact in your life.

  9. don't even have enough words to explain my admiration for Malala. I have a very very deep interest on human rights, therefore, I knew about Malala before seeing this post. However, it still made me smile the things you wrote - and the picture of her dad!! how cute!! the way he's looking at her so proud! how adorable is that?. Anyways, Malala has such a big humongous interior that it's mind blowing. She makes me have hope in humanity <3

    1. i really feel that she is on this earth for a reason.
      she is going to do beautiful things in her lifetime.
      i can't wait to watch from afar.
      so inspiring!

  10. I remember when I first heard about her and it honestly changed the way I viewed school. And every time I feel like I want to complain, I think of her and the girls like her. I still haven't gotten a chance to read the book but I plan on reading it soon.