Saturday, 12 October 2013

lazy day afternoon.

first off, please pardon my absence!
dreaded midterms have started, so i've been focusing most of my attention on studying.
but a wise man once said "work hard, play hard."
so, i spent my saturday doing just that - literally playing in the park with my beloved nephew, nico.
his smile is everything <3

* this was my failed attempt at an 'ootd' post...

grainy self-timer photoshoot.

"i go on the slide free more time, okay tatty nana?

leaves are finally starting to change colors...

can you tell, i'm obsessed with this kid, haha?


ps. i also went out for breakfast with my sister and brother-in-law this morning.
we went to cora's - this colorful breakfast spot with the yummiest food.
i ordered the "ham ben et dictine" aka. eggs benedict with ham.
my stomach legit growled just looking at this photo.


  1. No! That was Wiz Khalifa! lol
    Nice blog!

    Abbi of

    1. thanks, abbi :)
      the link is actually the wiz khalifa video, haha.
      he drops some real wisdom, here and there!