Sunday, 13 October 2013

i don't always shop at aldo accessories...

but when i do, i snap at buy a buttload of rings.
i've been secretly wanting to hop on that whole "midi" ring bandwagon but refused to pay $20+ for rings that don't fit.
well, that all changed today when i walked into my local aldo accessories and saw an assortment of midi rings on sale.
so me, never being one to shy away from a sale, snapped.
 nail polish - midnight in moscow (opi)

i also stopped by the body shop with my sister where there was another sale going on.
as mentioned earlier, i love me some sales, so i purchased this coconut eau de toilette - 50% off, holla!
it's a nice fresh scent for those days when you don't really want to "smell" like anything...if that makes any sense.

hope you're all enjoying your weekend!



  1. I love the ring on your pinky finger !! I wish I had an Aldo close enough to me

  2. I love the bow ring and the one on your thumb! I have not embraced the midi trend either but am now tempted :)

    1. thanks georgina!
      i was hesitant at first but now i understand all the hub-bub, haha.

  3. i love, love, love that bow ring! not so sure i'm into the midi trend, but that one could change my mind :)

    1. thanks you!
      it was a steal at buy one, get one for $5.96!!
      commmme to the dark side, haha.