Thursday, 19 February 2015

birthday behaviour.

on sunday, i celebrated my sdofnsd birthday.
*disclaimer: that wasn't a typo.
that's just my age.
in quasi-captcha form.

last year, i spent my birthday in sunny malibu.
this year, i spent it in -40 celsisus (and farenheit, apparently) weather *side eye.
however, despite the arctic chill, i had a pretty amazing day.

in the morning, my wonderful dad cooked me the most delicious breakfast and my surrogates gave me their handmade birthday cards.
* nico explained to me that his were pictures of dinosaurs.

my parents gave me the most amazing card with the most touching message.
i debated including the message but decided to keep that to myself.
it was sweet though, haha.

my sister, jenn, took some time out of her busy life to draw a picture of me in celebration of my birthday.
my mom told me that i should start dressing like this drawing because she 
has better style than i do. 
the shade, haha.

my nephew-son also gifted me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers that truly warmed my heart.

in the evening, i went downtown with my friends to bar+karaoke.
though i've been karaoke-ing before, this was my first time doing so in a private room which i quite enjoyed.
it definitely allowed us the freedom to sing like no one was listening.
except that the walls there are paper thin.
i digress - we each took turns selecting songs out of their massive catalogue.
our selections were all over the place - a little destiny's child, followed by some backstreet boys with a little big sean.

random snapshots:
i don't even know what song this is...

the sissy and i

bills, bills, bills

frozen karaoke.
seriously, that room was a freezer.

the face i make when i notice someone is taking my picture...

group shot, minus racquel

random videos:
*warning - none of us are singers...

drunk in love as performed by alicia and racquel.

crazy in love.

toronto's very own beyonce

i want it that way as performed by avery.

anthem right hurrrr...

all in all, i had an amazing day with the people i love the most.
here's to another year on planet earth!


ps. while everyone was out celebrating valentine's day with their lover or christian grey, i spent mine with my children.
squad, aye.


  1. happy belated birthday, looks like you had a lot of fun!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  2. Happy belated b day!! Omg the cold is killer, it's hard to leave my house these days!!

  3. Looks like you enjoyed your birthday and i am glad that you did hun!x
    Jess x

  4. Looks like an amazing birthday! The sketch your sister did is amazing, you should frame it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Glad you had fun singing with your friends.


  5. Your birthday recap honestly sounds like the perfect blend of magic and happiness. It start off as comedy, as I died laughing at : "quasi-captcha form" lol I'll have to use that! Then, I laughed at what your mom said in regards to the portrait your sister drew. All the shade of my mom's brutal and nonchalant honesty amazes me as well. Dang, momma!! lol But anyway, Happy Super Belated Birthday!!

    -Chymere A.