Saturday, 17 January 2015

sh*t nico says...

january 9th, 2014 

me: "nico, what's your favourite part about school so far?"

nicklaus: "wellllll, i like gym and snack and lunch because at snack and lunch we get to eat and in gym we get to play.
play even with toys!
i like toys and food, so gym and snack and lunch are my favourite!"

oh, he also sings real songs now.
like alllll the time, haha.

watching this kid grow and develop into his own person is honestly the greatest thing.
i obviously don't know what being a parent feels like but being an aunt is a pretty dope gig.



  1. So adorable! It sounds like he is singing 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons. xx

    1. thanks tomi!
      good ear - he's singing a minecraft remix of 'radioactive'!
      i don't know where he finds these things, haha.


  2. 0hhh klaus ! he never fails to amuse me :)
    (for the time being) lmao

  3. Replies
    1. thanks rachelle :)
      (i always take credit like he's mine, haha).

  4. omg he is maybe the cutest kid i've ever seen!!! his outfit and his stylish!