Wednesday, 3 December 2014

snapshots: american thanksgiving 2014

it was my family's goal this year to celebrate both canadian and american thanksgiving.
canadian thanksgiving went off without a hitch and this past weekend, my mom and i headed up (down?) to pennsylvania for round two.

i was too busy enjoying the company of my family that i didn't really take that many photos but will post the random shots i did manage to score.

shoutout to my aunts and cousin for heaven on a plate

his eyes were bigger than his stomach *crying emoji*

post just-dance shenanigans

the matriarch 

bandidas reunited <3

cousins - the next generation 

hanging out with "jenkins" and "amelia"

babies got me like...

the sweetest girls are born in february...

la-la <3

my aunt essentially lives in a forest and at any given moment you will find yourself surrounded by at least two deer...

my mother was adamant that she get a photo beside the deer.
this was as close as she'd get to them, haha.

hope all my fellow americans had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend with yummy eats and great company. 
back to studying i go.
six finals in seven days...pray for me.


ps. me thinks i may have found my christmas jam of 2014:
i can never resist  a good choir session/soul clap a the end of a song. 


  1. aw cute photos ! amelia looks so big now

  2. I love this blog because i love how you always share things about your actual family it looks like you had a great thanksgiving! You look dead pretty in these pictures aswell hun as always x x x

    Jess x