Saturday, 22 November 2014

fall fashion show

about a week ago (ayyyyye!!!), my friend avery and i attend a fashion show hosted by the cocktail crawl social club
it was held at the spoke club in downtown toronto and featured designs by canadian designers narces and caras.
despite being a little out of our element (aka. out of our houses past 9pm), we had a great time and rubbed shoulders with some very interesting people.

i tried to take photos but my iphone was not co-operating in the least.
however, i managed to steal score some snapshots from various online galleries!

the photographer told us to take another shot as this one looked a tad awkward.
i see it now, lol.

take two: he told me to put my hand on my hip, lol.

some of the dresses that captured my heart but allude my bank account:
*if i were betrothed to be wed, this would be my dream bridal shower dress.
lace on lace on laceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
and then there was this garment:

i don't know where i'd go in it but if i was a rich girl, this would be among my first purchases!
after the show, we were all given a swag bag containing random beauty products, macroons (yum!), magazines, etc.
all in all, 'twas a great night andddd, i still managed to squeeze in a couple episodes of buffy the vampire slayer (new obsession, bdw) on netflix before bedtime.
i should leave my house more often, haha.



  1. you look gorgeous, and what a nice show!

  2. Gorgeous pic's. Their clothes are very elegant.


  3. What ? You never told me about this .. looks like fun !

  4. Wow, those dresses! You look beautiful. Love your twists!