Wednesday, 22 October 2014

wise word wednesday : eric thomas

while on facebook the other night, i came a video my friend shared entitled secrets to success.
i had time to kill and like most people, desire to be "successful", so i clicked play.
my mindset has been altered ever since...

wanting to know more about mr. thomas and the path that lead him to where he is today, i spent the next hour watching any and every video youtube recommended.

a high-school dropout with a bit of a rebellious streak, eric soon found himself homeless on the extremely cold streets of detroit.
in one of the videos i watched, eric recalled that these days were easily the most difficult period of his life.
however, in the same breath, he stated it that were it not for these hardships, he would have never found the passion and drive he needed get out of his current situation.

though this particular message is focused more on success in the college setting, i believe anyone who's found themselves in a bit of a rut in life can find encouragement in eric's words.


  1. Love inspiring quotes

  2. Nice blog!!

  3. That quote is so true and it's definitely something I should pay attention to more often!

  4. Love the quote, that's so true!

  5. Thank you for sharing this!! Such wise words!
    xo TJ

  6. I totally love the quote too! It inspires me because I do want success. Sometimes I try and try but I realize that I must want it bad enough. I'll get there.