Wednesday, 2 July 2014

congratulations karoline & aaron!!

on saturday, i attended the nuptials of one of my very dear friends, karoline.
her various wedding activities have been featured a couple of times on my blog (here and here).
as per the brides request, her face will continue to be disguised.

anyways, i headed down to the church to watch karoline marry her "friend" aaron in a beautiful catholic ceremony.
after the i-do's were exchanged, guests were given a ticket to be used at the ice cream truck that was parked outside.
it was hella hot, so the ice cream was much appreciated.

accidentally twining with avery. 

shout out to the ice cream truck driver dude for hooking me with a sundae despite it not being allowed.
*you da real mvp!

i laughed.

we then headed to the reception to continue to celebrate the union of these two fine folks.
disguised, as per karoline's request. 

avery being a creep and insisting they all hold hands for their shot.

it was truly amazing watching karoline walk down the aisle in all her bridal glory.
it seems like just yesterday we were being separated by mr. murray for singing r. kelly's ignition in grade 9 science class.
aaron is an amazing guy and i wish them all the best in life.

two weddings down, two more to go!

ps. i made these collages after finding these gems in my photobucket account:

homage to our track days - 4x100 and CC (cross country) forever



  1. Beautiful Dress. I'm Kara, but go by Maddie sometimes. I got referred to you by Jessica Allen, from Moments of Beauty Wars. I like the blog so far. If you want, you can check out mine.
    Thanks hunn xx

  2. totaly in love with the blue dress! is it royal blue?

    1. thank you, rose.
      it is royal blue!