Wednesday, 28 May 2014

wise word wednesday - maya angelou edition

(1928 - 2014)

when i got to work this morning, i was greeted with the sad news of maya angelou's passing.
i was introduced to the works of ms. angelou as a child and have always looked to her as a source of inspiration.

she defied all odds - a childhood victim of rape who later performed at strip clubs to support herself and her child went on to become a legend in every sense of the word.
a singer, dancer, professor, emmy-nominated actress and nobel laureate,  her talent knew no bounds.
like many, i will mourn her passing but i can't help but think of chuck palahniuk's words:

"we all die.
the goal isn't to live forever.
the goal is to create something that will."

through her prolific writings and memoirs, i have no doubt that the legacy of ms. angelou will endure forever.
in honor of this extraordinary woman, i'd like to dedicate this week's "wise word wednesday" to dr. maya angelou.
may she rest in paradise.



  1. Such an amazing and inspiring woman! May she rest in peace!

  2. lovely blog :)

  3. no, no, no! I haven't heard of this yet. I am so, so sad right now :(

  4. RIP Maya! Love that Chuck quote btw