Saturday, 15 March 2014

imma touch the sky.

on friday night, i went out to skyzone toronto to celebrate a friends' birthday.
if you're not too familiar with the skyzone franchise, it's basically a giant warehouse filled with trampolines.

everyone is given these fluorescent orange pair of socks (with the most amount of grip) and sent on their way.
there were 4 different stations you could choose from - dodgeball, basketball, foam boxes and solo trampolines.

all in all, it was good fun but i'm definitely feeling it todayy - my body is sooooo sore.


ps. i was pretty impressed with my flip, i can't lie.


  1. haha looks like something I'd enjoy! Big Kids

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist

  2. Pretty cool concept, minus the fact that I've always been afraid of trampolines lol maybe it's time to face my fears !