Tuesday, 4 March 2014

horses and the hollywood hills

on tuesday (february 18th) avery, jenn and i headed down (up?) to sunset ranch to go horseback riding through the hollywood hills.
after signing the necessary waivers and a brief lesson from the foxy cowboy on duty, we were each assigned a horse.
the name of my horse was rah and i loved him.

riding through the hollywood hills was quite the experience.
the horses literally walk on the very edge of the cliff and i was certain rah and i were going to plunge to our deaths at any moment.
our faces the entire time...

halfway through our hour trek, we passed by the legendary hollywood sign.
sadly, we weren't able to really take any shots of ourselves in front of it due to logistics and other safety reasons.
however, saddle ranch was cleaver enough to build their own miniature sign where guests are free to take as many shots as they'd like.

if you are ever in the area, i would highly suggest paying sunset ranch a visit.
it's an interesting way to experience the beauty of hollywood without having to be smack dab in the madness.
you can also go up the hills on foot, if horses aren't your thang.

on our way home, we made a little pit stop at in-n-out to have some yummy eats.
i threw all caution to the wind and got the double-double cheeseburger.

so bad, yet soooo good.

did you know that bible verses are printed onto each in-n-out wrapper?
it was news to me!

but not before avery and i risked our lives trying to take a photo in front of the hollywood sign...



  1. Aw, I love horseback riding! And riding up to the Hollywood sign would be so much fun :)
    xo TJ


  2. Hello honey, nice blog! Would you like to follow each other via GFC?
    Fashion and The City

  3. sounds like a fantastic experience! i think I would have been terrified of falling off the horse...lol

    Joy :)

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  5. Love your checkered shirt - very nice!! Lovely photos - looks like y'all had good fun. :-)


  6. That looks so much fun, love your checked shirt!

    Greetings from London,


  7. Horses are definitely not my thing! I would immediately choose to go up the hills by foot, instead of doing the horse riding! Just reading your words of "the horses literally walk on the very edge of the cliff" gave me chills haha. Nevertheless, I believe it must had been an amazing experience, but it's not for me haha ;)

  8. These pictures are beautiful!
    The one time I went horseback riding my legs hurt for days! But they sure are beautiful.

    I've never had InNOut before but that was neat to read that scriptures are printed on each wrapper. That's awesome!