Tuesday, 21 January 2014

sushi sushi, gucci gucci

on saturday afternoon, i met up an old friend of mine and we went out for lunch at sushi inn located in toronto's yorkville area.
i've always "turned my nose up" to the thought of sushi but now understand the hype.

i went there with every intention of playing it safe and ordering my standard chicken teriyaki.
however, after seeing their lunch menu, i decided to order the "sushi inn special" for $9.50.
this meal came with miso soup, chicken teriyaki, salad, one shrimp and one crab tempura, two vegetable tempuras, one spring roll, three dumplings, steamed rice and six pieces of maki.

the food was beyond phenomenal and i will definitely be paying them visit in the very near future. 
like, this friday, haha.



  1. haha @ you turning up your nose at sushi. You got a heluva lot of food for that price. Here in Japan I'd pay A LOT MORE for that meal lol good stuff!

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist

  2. Looks SO amazing.

    ...and now I'm starving. Thanks.

  3. Same here! I know how much people rave on sushi but it's something I always turned my nose up too! Even though the pictures you show here look yummy I don't think it's something I would eat ;) haha I guess I need to change that soon and finally understand all the hype behind sushi food!

  4. Wow it sounds like you got a LOT for $9.50!! It looks and sounds so good, glad to see you expanding your palatte xo

  5. It's about time you joined the sushi world !!! Now we can finally go when I come back to Toronto !


  6. I am so happy you're loving sushi now :)

    And such a fantastic deal! I need to find a place that gives so much for that price.