Tuesday, 24 December 2013

yeezy taught me

"there are two types of people in the world - haters and dreamers.
the only difference is one thing - haters forgot about their dreams. 
or better yet, haters gave up on their dreams."

on monday night, i attended the very last show of kanye west's yeezus tour and it was hands down the best concert of my life.
the concert was originally supposed to pass through the air canada centre on november 12 & 13th.
but somewhere along the tour, a bus crashed and the 60-foot screen that kanye deemed crucial to the show was broken.
as a result, our toronto dates were rescheduled to december 22nd & 23rd.

at first i was like, this guy is so dramatic - just come on stage with a mic and rap, screw the screen.
but after witnessing the magic that was yeezus, i take back all my words - the screen was essential.
this was also the first concert i attended that started promptly with opening act, kendrick lamar, kicking off the show.
hell, when i took my cousin to see the jonas brothers in the summer, those fools arrived over an hour late.

kanye's set was a solid 2.5 hours.
according to setlist.fm, he performed 27 songs including through the wire which remains my favorite kanye song to date.

towards the end of the show, he said something to the effect of "because this is my last show of the tour and i'm in toronto, i have to do this for y'all" and proceeded to rap his verse off drake's forever for the first time ever live.
and then this happened...
toronto's own drake came out and performed forever WITH kanye and a tear nearly fell from my eye.
i tried twice in vain to see drake in concert this year - OVO fest in august (shoutout to ticketmaster for selling my ticket without my knowledge) and then 'would you like a tour' in october (shoutout to my school for scheduling two exams the next morning).
he also performed "all me" and then went on his merry way. 
christmas came early, guys. 

kanye then performed all of the lights (cue the pyrotechnics) which transitioned flawlessly into good life.
he then performed bound 2 and had the crowd sing the hook along with his cousin, tony williams.
kanye thanked the crowd, shook some hands and proceeded off stage.
and then, much like at the club, the lights came up and the party was over. 

all in all, an amazing night spent with my bff, avery and my boys, yeezy and drizzy.
and for all you non-kanye fans, i'm happy to report that he promised that we would "turn all the way down" in 2014 and that you would get nothing but positivity from him in the new year...

any other kanye fans out here?


  1. Not gonna lie, I'm jealous that I missed out on this ... but he did amazing at OVOfest in August so I can only imagine the magic that was Yeezus on stage for his own tour :)


    1. ya but you saw drake, kanye AND tlc.
      you win.

  2. I saw Kanye live on august 2011 :) It was actually the first time he was doing a concert in my country so it was really exciting! It's already been a little while but I remember I reallyyyyy loved the concert as well! I'm glad you also had the opportunity to see Drake!

    1. he's so crazy and has no filter but he really is talented.
      he just needs to learn how to express himself sans outburst, haha.