Thursday, 12 December 2013

christmas gift guides

now that i'm all done with dreaded finals, i can now focus my attention on finding the perfect gift for my loved ones. 
this will be my family's second year doing the whole secret santa for the adults/gifts for the children.
we've yet to draw names, so i don't know exactly who my secret santa is just yet but to help me narrow down some gift ideas, i created a couple gift guides :)

7. monogram mugs ; 8. knit infinity scarf

1. art of shaving kit; 2. knit cardigan sweater; 3. portable battery charger
4. concert/sport tickets; 5. wool scarf ; 6. patterned socks
7. black wrist watch

and just in case my potential secret santa stumbles upon this blog post...

what are some of the items you'd like to get or are excited to get for your loved ones this christmas?



  1. i love that floral iphone case and the essie sparkle polish!

  2. I love the iphone case! That's so cute and im loving that 2014 planner I'm going to get a planner for myself next year so I can be much more organised when it comes to dates! Great post sweet x x

    Jess x

  3. This is so perfect! I love how you did both for her and for him. I spy EOS lip balms, can't live without them! xx

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I am glad you found me! My family does a secret santa each year too, and its pretty fun keeping it all a secret and then we exchange on Christmas Eve. :) Nice picks!

  5. The diary is a must have for me :) x

  6. I love the collages you did here! I'm not done yet with college, I still have one more week to go. And only after that, I'll think about Christmas gifts. However, you gave me some pretty awesome inspiration for gifts! Thank youuuu :)

  7. Love this gift guide! So want to get that sweater for my boyfriend!