Saturday, 30 November 2013

i risked my life for a sweater (black friday)

a tad dramatic but let me explain *kevin hart voice*

i try my best to avoid any stores that are having major sales as:
a) i hate line-ups
b) the smalls are always the first to go anyways
c) i fear being trampled

however, seeing how friday was "black friday" and i was already in the downtown core, i decided to give it a go.
now, "black friday" is a fairly new concept to canadians - our day to go buck-wild at shopping centers is boxing day (december 26th).
but in an attempt to keep us on this side of the border, merchants in canada have started to have "black friday" sales like their american counterparts.

after class, i headed to the mall and immediately left after seeing the crowd of people.
i opted to visit a department store called the bay located across from the mall instead.
and that is where i scored what is now my new favorite sweater:

(grainiest photo ever)
sweater - hbc; tank & jeans - forever 21; boots - aldo

standard mirror selfie

i also clearly discovered the mirrorgram app on my iphone.
speaking of iphones, this happened:

my craving self just had to get a quesadilla on my way home.
as soon as it fell, i knew it was a wrap.
i was so mad, i didn't even order my quesadilla.
first world problem.

did any of you guys venture out on black friday?



  1. the sweater is cute, so it was worth the risked life ! that cracked phone though ... not so much lol

  2. Oh no! So sorry about your phone :(
    I do like your new sweater though (and your makeup looks gorgeous.)

  3. The sweater was worth it! It's adorable! Sorry you cracked your phone though- I hear it's a fairly inexpensive fix though :)

  4. love that sweater!


  5. You are gorgeous, love your cute cardigan!

    And so sorry about your phone, my I phone fell down the toilet last year ... if that helps in any way ;)

    Greetings from London,

  6. I didn't venture out this Black Friday.

    Gorgeous sweater but sorry about your phone. That sucks!

  7. I went to the Eaton Centre that day... like a fool.
    So not worth the getting trampled.
    People are MAD.
    I found okay deals... not particularly amazing.
    & oddly enough, I too had apple product drama...
    Only my drama was that my iPod got pick-pocketed from my backpack.
    Who does that!? Oliver Twist apparently works his rounds in the Eaton Centre.
    Lesson learned: don't place electronics in backpack front pockets... and never go to Black Friday at the Eaton Centre again...
    PS Sorry 'bout your phone! could be worse, though....