Sunday, 10 November 2013

give me your clothes (second edition)

the star of this edition of "give me your clothes" is my "favorite" kardashian, kourtney.
i can't lie...i've been known to keep up with the kardashians here and there.
although khloe's oneliners have me dying of laughter, i've always been a fan of kourtney's style.
whether she's gracing a red carpet or running errands, girl knows how to dress.

here are some of my favorite looks kourtney has worn:

and, let us not forget kourtney's best accessory, scott disick...

any kardashian fans out there?
if so, who's your fave?
i'm curious, haha.



  1. Sorry, No! lol but Kourtney does rock some of those styles really well.

    Abbi of

  2. She does has a great wardrobe!

    Greetings from London,

  3. she definitely has great style.

  4. i love kourtney, too! i love the slow monotone way she speaks. haha. And she does have great style :)

  5. Definitely, Kourt is by far, my favorite Kardashian!! She has such a great taste! I always love what she wears, so classy and stylish, can't get enough of her :)